Thursday, December 4, 2014

Update in Provo!

I'm so sorry that I'm so horrible at this! I'm going to try to get better! Let's review what's gone on since the last time I blogged... which was a whole year ago... oops!! haha 

Well the last time I blogged, I posted that my husband Tommy would be going to Boise State University and graduate with a degree in athletic training. We found out that the athletic training program there would be another 3 years there instead of 2 more years at Brigham Young University. So with that information, we decided to move back to Provo in May and continue going to BYU. Tommy took the hardship of starting back down there in January and lived with his brother while Avery and I stayed and lived with my parents while I was just starting my chemotherapy. We were afraid to live alone in Provo with me on so many medications and I was still having petite mal seizures that were keeping me from driving from March 2013 until January 2014. Tommy drove up to Boise every weekend that he could to be able to see us... which is a 6 stinkin hour drive!! Poor guy. Yes, he does love me :) When May came around, I wasn't having seizures anymore and chemotherapy was just making me nauseous and tired... but I felt like we would be okay moving down to Provo to live with Tommy and do it on our own. It had been hard living so far away from him.

So we chose to move down here in May 2014. And since then, we have been very glad that we did. We love our neighbors, love our ward in our church, we still have some friends that live down here from before we found out I had cancer, and we're making new friends as we go. I've been taking chemotherapy the whole time until a month ago when I got sick and saw that my immune system was lower than normal and that throughout this winter, I can pick up viruses much easier when I'm on chemotherapy. It was a really difficult decision and took a lot of thought and prayer and finally I decided to take a break from chemo and hopefully give my body/brain some time to become stronger. I have an MRI over Christmas time which will show us how it goes so please pray that it will end up well. 

Other than that, life is great! Avery is a year and a half... crazy! She's a little sassy now.. wants to be more independent and at times doesn't listen to her parents haha figures. Takes after one of her parents :) Sassy Kassi was my nickname once upon a time. Not anymore though hehe But Tommys doing well as an athletic trainer for the BYU football team and he's loving it!! Next semester he'll be a trainer for the BYU gymnastics team, which I'm soo excited about!! I miss watching gymnastics! I miss being a gymnast! Hopefully Avery will have the same desire someday! We'll see! But that's about it! Here's some pictures!

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