Sunday, June 30, 2013

Avery Jo is born! :)


So on June 1st, little Avery Jo was finally born!! It was such an exciting day!! This little girl is honestly the cutest little girl ever! Of course I feel that way though... she's ours :) Anyway, she is now a month old tomorrow!! Time is going by for us very quickly. She was born at 4 lbs. and 12.5 oz. She now weighs 6 lbs just barely! Little Avery was born very healthily and was only sent to the NICU for about 6-7 hours! That was a huge blessing for us. She came home with us only 3 days later after she was born, which was  much better than what we expected. Here's some great pictures of her right after she was born!!

Here's some more recent pictures of her!

So everything has gone over incredibly well with little Avery Jo. She has just been a huge blessing for us and has brought a little piece of joy into this time of our lives. 

I will now explain a little bit about what is going on in our lives right now to continue updating everyone. We are right now living in West Virginia with Tommy's family so that I can be getting radiation treatment and chemotherapy from the National Institute of Health in Maryland. It's been 2 weeks since I've started it and it's going alright. It just makes me very tired from the radiation and all the medication that I'm on so that part is difficult, but it's been very helpful to have Tommy's family and my mom and dad have been here to help with little Avery, so that has helped us out a lot. Only 4 more weeks of radiation and then this part will be over! But as for now this is what we are going through and we are just trying our best to get through it! 

For everyone on that fundraiser that Meagan Jackson formed for us, I just want to say thank you so much for your contribution!! I know that it will help us so much in many ways! Good luck on your race this week ladies! I'll be cheerin you on from here!! :)